Coffee + Vinyl.

This, before anything else, is our passion. Now, it’s also our business.
Why Coffee? It’s the fuel that drives us - we love the tasting notes, aromas, and feelings that come with coffee. We appreciate the art and science of what goes into making a great cup. The process of taking water, using it to slowly extract flavour from a coffee bean, and then savouring those results is an experience that we want to share with you.
Why Vinyl? The ritual of buying & listening to vinyl is something we’re incredibly passionate about. Taking home a new record, poring over the cover art, and absorbing the warmth and feel of the music – these are experiences you just can’t replicate with streaming. 
Why Coffee + Vinyl? We believe the combination of Coffee + Vinyl creates a unique experience. There’s something special about sipping that perfect cup of coffee while listening to your favorite record. High Notes is a community, connecting us & our shared passions of Coffee + Vinyl.
High Notes Coffee + Vinyl is the culmination of our shared dream to open a brick-and-mortar vinyl record café!